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About GCFA

Who is a member of GCFA?

All full-time and part-time faculty are members of GCFA or pay fair share dues in recognition of the union's work on their behalf.  While no one is required to be an Asssociation member, we work hard to make the benefits well worth the costs. As a GCFA Member, you are automatically also a member of CCA and eligible for all the benefits of CTA and NEA. A good place to begin exploring in more depth is the Community College Association website.

How effective is GCFA in advocating for its members?

Our full-time faculty salaries rank in the top third of California Community College faculty salaries. We've made improvements to how Family Leave works. We've been negotiating raises despite recession conditions in the state. We have recently helped our coaches with a provision to flex their stipends. We recently wrote a supportive evaluation process into the contract for part-time faculty. We also won conference funds for part-time faculty. We invoked state law to ensure sick leave pay for part-time faculty. We have worked hard to set up a seniority/rehire system that recognizes and rewards good teachers who stay at Gavilan. We won bereavement, family, and jury duty leaves. And we have recently achieved a boost to our part-time salary schedule.

We respond to small problems and big ones encountered by our members. Our grievance team and Executive Board work with members in many ways to make their time at Gavilan safe, productive, and enjoyable.

What are the services and programs offered to members at no cost?

  • NEA Dues-Tab Life Insurance as part of continuous NEA membership
  • Professional Liabiltiy Insurance
  • CTA Death and Dismemberment Benefit Plan: death benefit up to $2,000 to your beneficiary
  • Participation in a financially sound credit unions, established by and for CTA members
  • Competitive scholarships of up to $2,000 are available for CCA members and their dependents annually
  • Grants of $500 and no-interest loans up to $1,000 are available to members in need of disaster relief due to fire, flood, earthquake or other disasters
  • Local social and professional events, and benefits workshops
  • Grievance services and one hour free legal aid in specified situations

What are the services and programs offered to members at reduced cost?

  • CTA Group Life Insurance
  • CTA Group Salary Protection Insurance
  • A+ Auto and Homeowners Insurance (Cal Casualty)
  • Personal, Real Estate, Auto and No-Interest Strike Loan
  • No fee, low-rate CTA WorldPoint Rewards Credit Card
  • Saving and investments

Did you know?

CCA members who take advantage of these special benefits programs can save more than the total amount of their dues.

Do members vote on the Contract?

Yes. The terms and conditions of faculty employment including salary, benefits and other compensation are governed by contractual provisions negotiated by local faculty members and representatives of the Board of Trustees. All unit members have the right to vote on and ratify the the Contract.

What kind of grievance services does GCFA offer?

GCFA’s conciliation and grievance team performs an especially valuable service. When, as sometimes happens, faculty have differences with administrators who represent the Board, GCFA’s trained grievance officer and the Association President are asked to lend their communication skills in helping to resolve matters swiftly and to the mutual satisfaction of the parties involved. Those few disputes that are not resolved through conciliation are eligible for more formal action through the contractual grievance process. GCFA has negotiated Binding Arbritration into the Contract.

What does GCFA do for our students?

CGFA offers annual scholarships for our students! Click here for details.

What are the dues for 2019-20?

Full-time Faculty

CTA: $720

NEA: $196

CCA: $99

GCFA: $165

Total:  $1,180.00

Part-time Faculty

CTA: $90

NEA: $66.50

CCA: $49.50

GCFA: $36

Total:  $242.00

How can I become a member of GCFA?

Contact Membership Chair Nick Park,, or simply print and complete this membership form and get it to his mailbox in the part-time side of our mailroom.


This page last revised: 2/12/18 • Phone: 408-848-4832 • Address: GCFA, 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd., Gilroy, CA 95020