Office hours

Full-time faculty are contractually required to hold five office hours a week when they are teaching a full load. One of these office hours may be online for those with a normal face to face load; those with hybrid or online classes may arrange more online office hours with dean's approval.

Though there is no written agreement on part-time faculty and office hours, current practice is that part-time faculty be available to students for one office hour for every three hours in class. This is considered part of each faculty member's professional obligations, like flex activities, and is not compensated beyond teaching salary. Those teaching in Career Technical Guidance, or Kinesiology are not required to hold office hours nor are they compensated to do so, unless at the request of the department chair. Some office hours may be held online, particularly for part-time faculty who do not have access to offices at the college.

All faculty should clearly inform students of the time and location of their office hours.