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Helpful Information


New Faculty



Full-time faculty benefits overview


Part-time faculty benefits overview

Maximizing Your Salary

Workshop Notes

Evaluating Part-time Colleagues

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Procedure for part-time faculty evaluation

Flex and Office Hours

Rehire/Seniority Process

Flex obligations Please see Article 10 of the latest contract.
Office hour requirements Hiring Preference form due Feb. 28, 2013
Using Gavilan computers
Sick Leave

Funds for Travel and Mileage

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Travel and Conference

Mileage reimbursements


Unemployment Information

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Gavilan College Policies

Academic Freedom

Retirement Information

Discrimination CCA Powerpoint (Jennifer Baker)

Harrassment, Sexual Violence, Hate Crimes

CCA Powerpoint (Deborah Dahl Shanks)

Advice from part-time retiree (David Kier)

Planning an Event? California Part-Time Faculty Association

Green food and services recommendations

Reimbursement form for GCFA events

The mission of CPFA is to create the opportunity for community college students tohave equal access to quality education by promoting professional equity for all faculty.

Trouble with a Student, Colleague, or Administrator?


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