Gavilan College Board Policy on Academic Freedom, posted 3/2011

BP4030 AcademicFreedom Reference:
Title 5, Section 51023, Accreditation Standard II.A.7
It shall be the policy of the College to maintain and encourage full freedom for its faculty to teach, research, and pursue knowledge as set forth in this Article and subject to the applicable provisions of law.
In the exercise of this freedom the faculty member may, as provided in the U.S. and California Constitutions and other applicable laws, discuss his/her own subject or area of competence in the classroom, as well as any other relevant matters, including controversial matters, so long as he/she distinguishes between personal opinions and factual information.
Faculty shall be free from unlawful harassment or from unlawful interference or restrictions based political views.
Faculty shall be free from any and all forms of electronic or other listening or recording devices, except with his/her express and non-continuing consent, except where allowed otherwise by law.
The Board shall not unlawfully inquire into, nor predicate any adverse action upon a faculty member’s political or organizational activities or preferences.
The Board shall not interfere with a faculty member’s freedom of speech or use of materials in any teaching assignment, except as allowed by law.
This Article is intended to declare the District’s and Association’s intent to allow those activities protected by constitutional freedom of speech and other forms of academic freedom protected by the laws of the State of California and the laws of the United States.
Amended by the Board of Trustees: May 13, 2008
Approved by the Board of Trustees: June 11, 2002