Part-time Faculty Benefits


Currently, part-time faculty are offered few benefits;

GCFA will be exploring some options in our upcoming negotiations.


Workers Compensation

If we are hurt at work, we all qualify for state Workers Compensation. Injury should be reported right away by anyone, including part timers. Disability covers you for sixty days if hurt at work such that if you are if full-time you get your normal salary, contract article 10.5.


When filling out paperwork at beginning of employment, we are given a chance to pre-designate a physician or  use one designated by the college. In any case, the college will make sure we get appropriate care whether through an ER or occupational clinic. If there is any injury or accident at work, faculty should tell  supervisor right away. If at remote site or night class, tell supervisor and fill out report. If you need medical treatment on a weekend or holiday, if you are able, call your supervisor and s/he will advise—or will at least have a record of your effort to contact. If you don’t think you need medical care, or you don’t want to do anything about it, or you wait a few days, it’s hard to get a claim okayed. If all else fails, go get medical care if you need it, and tell supervisor the next day.


Health care

GCFA is exploring pool options for part-time faculty.



Part-time faculty choose between STRS and Apple plans. Under STRS, you contribute 8 percent of slary, district puts in 8.25 percent, and then it takes five years of FTE teaching to become vested in system—when you join, you can take out the money you put it until vested, but once vested, you also have access to money the district put in. Five years FTE service for part timers could take 10-20 years. Part-time faculty sometimes have had Apple at Gavilan or elsewhere, but if they are hired full-time they can roll Apple into STRS.


In Apple, part time faculty who retire get 7 ¾ percent that the employee puts in, and there is no district match.To roll monies from one system into another, contact HR. Social Security does not accumulate for community college faculty, so all faculty members need to be put into a retirement system. While there is no district matching funding at present in Apple, this could be an item for future negotiation should part-time faculty request that.


Jury duty

Everyone is entitled to a leave without pay for jury duty, and part-time faculty can keep the travel stipend offered by the courts. 



Faculty have rights to grieve an administrator if one violate the contract; violations of the Ed Code can be handled with help from the union’s legal staff. Faculty may not file a grievance against another faculty member. If someone is mistreated by fellow faculty member they have the have right to complain in the chain of command. Something is not a grievance, however, unless it involves the union contract.