Sick Leave


Our contract
Please see Articles 10.1 and 10.15 of our contract.


Part-time leaves are proportional to load and go back to 2005. Part-time faculty are entitled to that proportion of ten days sick leave as their assignment relates to that of a full-time faculty member. If a part-time faculty member has been teaching at Gavilan since before 2005, s/he has been credited with leave based on a 40% load since 2005. Please check the college's record in HR to be sure your sick leave is accurately documented.


Full-time leaves are calculated in quarter day increments (.25, .50, .75, 1.0). Part-time faculty will round up or down based on how many classes missed/how many total that day. This is simple for people with one, two, or four classes in one day. Faculty with three classes in a day will round to the nearest increment.


HR will provide written notice of sick leave accrued to each part-time faculty member by September 30 and February 28 each year. Part-time faculty may use sick leave for pregnancy. Proportional accident and illness, jury duty, bereavement, legislative, GCFA conference, family medical leaves are all granted to part-time faculty as described in agreement, and up to 6 days accumulated sick leave may be used for personal necessity leave. Catastrophic leave is not offered to part-time faculty in this contract. Unauthorized/unapproved leaves will be drawn against part-time salaries, so faculty who are absent either by plan in advance or spontaneously must let their departmental assistant know.


Report your absences
If you do not report your absences, your salary may be docked.


Your accumulated sick leave should be credited to your time worked.