Gavilan College Faculty Association
New Faculty: Welcome, How To, and FAQs

Welcome to Gavilan--a community college with lots of community!


This information is provided by the Gavilan College Faculty Association and the Human Resources Department. Questions? Please contact any member of our GCFA Executive Board and/or Eric Ramones in Human Resources at, 408-848-4753.


Do I have Gavilan email access? Yes, and it’s critical to sign up for it. Email is the way you will hear most college news and receive important information such as hiring news for coming semesters. As soon as possible, email Mimi Arvizu, and ask to be put on the faculty list. If you prefer to have email come to Gavilan but pass through to another email account you use more often, let her know that and give her the preferred address, and this can be arranged. Your department may also have a department elist; ask your department chair. With Gavilan email, you can access the college’s Intranet from the webpage using the same login and password. Do this! All relevant forms and the method for printing rosters and filing grades are on the Intranet.


May I have a college webpage? Yes! Contact for details.


Where can I park? You qualify for free permit parking; get a permit from the business office before the semester starts, if possible, or soon thereafter (ticketing begins after the first week of school, usually.) Make sure your pass is visible in your windshield, best of all hanging face out from your rearview mirror. Visibility is key to not getting ticketed, particularly if you park at the college at night. Park in spaces designated for staff if possible; if that’s not possible, you are permitted to park in a student space as long as your staff pass is visible. Lock your car and remove valuables!


Where is my classroom? Check your campus map. And note that class sizes sometimes result in rearrangements early in the semester; you could end up elsewhere if your class is too big or too small for the space provided.


I need chalk, keys, etc. How do I get them? Custodians supply rooms with chalk. Ask directly or let your department chair or dean’s office know if you have needs. (At the Hollister and Morgan Hill sites, the site managers will have supplies.) Whiteboard markers are available from the deans’ offices but many people bring their own. Some keys may be available from the dean’s offices, though buildings and rooms are usually unlocked during teaching hours; please inquire.


Who will teach me how to use equipment in the smart classrooms? And what if it doesn’t work right? Call the Media Center, 846-4906, and ask for an orientation, or ask a full-time faculty person and conveniently get help that way. If equipment isn’t working, report to your dean, department chair, and/or the Media Center.


Where can I make copies? You have two on-campus choices: there are copy machines in most academic buildings. If you have a big job, please don’t overstress these machines; bring your job five days ahead of the time you need it to be finished to the Reprographics department in the Security building on the northern side of campus. Fill out a small form and leave the form and your original with the Reprographics staff. This can also be done via email—check the Intranet.


Will I have access to an office or phone on campus? Unfortunately because of a space crunch, most part-time faculty do not have their own offices, though many share offices with other faculty. Often this is worked out informally, though in some departments (such as ESL) there is an actual part-time faculty office. If you need office space for an office hour or other college business, talk to your department chair. If you need a phone or computer terminal, many full-time faculty are happy to help.


What about mail? Everyone’s mail comes to the mail room in the administration building right next to the Financial Aid Office. Part-time faculty have boxes on one side of the room, and full-time faculty on the other. Often books ordered by faculty do not fit into mailboxes, and are left in containers on the floor in the mailroom. Outgoing mailing goes to an OUT box on the desk of the college receptionist, across the hall, next to the Admissions Office.


How can I order class materials and textbooks? The bookstore manager can do this most quickly and directly, so visiting there is a good idea. There is also an online way to order books. Your dean’s office has paper forms if you have a little more time. You will need ISBN numbers and information regarding publisher and edition.


What if I have a problem with a student? Talk to your department chair. Your dean and other administrators may also be able to help, depending on what the problem is. Also, see information on the "Helpful Information" page under the link, "Trouble with a Student, Colleague, or Administrator?".


Am I expected to attend college events? There is general understanding that part-time faculty have a lot on their plates; new full-time faculty get a year or two of grace time before they are recruited for duties. You are, however, welcome to participate in all aspects of college life especially committees.


When are my department meetings? Every department is different. Usually departments meet on Staff Development Day, just before the semesters begin. You are encouraged (but not required) to attend, and you will get flex credit for your time. Department chairs are responsible for letting you know how things work in their departments, and when meetings are held. They should also keep you posted on news about hiring and logistics for future semesters.


What if I have to miss class? Let students know as soon as you know. If you know ahead of time, you may want to ask a colleague to cover for you. Some funds may be available for this from the dean’s office, and it’s worth asking. If your absence will be unexpected, let the dean’s office know as soon as possible so someone can meet your students to tell them class is cancelled.


What if I have a problem or question? Your department chair, dean, or veteran department faculty are usually the best place to start. If they aren’t the ones to help, they’ll tell you who can.

  • The Faculty Senate deals with academic and college governance issues. Our senate president through December 2014 is Bea Lawn,
  • The Gavilan College Faculty Association (a CTA/NEA affiliate) represents all faculty and will pursue grievances over classroom and non-classroom issues if they fall under the union’s guidelines. Our union president through December 2014 is Debbie Klein, See the GCFA webpage for details:
  • The campus security office can deal with cases of theft or other personal security issues. Contact Ana Garcia at or 408-848-4720. The general number for campus security is 408-848-4703.
  • The Distance Learning coordinator and library staff help in their respective fields. For Distance Learning, contact Sabrina Lawrence at or 408-848-4885. For library assistance, contact Dana Young at or 408-848-4806.
  • The MIS staff helps with email and webpage problems. Contact Mimi Arvizu at or 408-848-4840.

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