Maximizing Your Gavilan Salary

Notes based on workshops

featuring Ken Wagman, former GCFA President & Math Instructor (2011)


Salary Track Advancement

For everyone, though how it works differs a bit for part-time and full-time faculty. You can use special projects, classes, seminars, conferences, or other activities to climb tracks up the salary schedule. This is the most direct way to make more money, and a fair amount can be made if you climb far enough. You would need to file the proper forms with the faculty staff development committee saying you have completed the projects or classes undertaken; see Faculty Staff Developent area of Intranet, and look at Track Advancement at a Glance and other forms.


Co-curricular Hours

For fulltimers only, co-curricular hours are required uniquely at Gavilan; 38 hours a year of mandated in-college work is required, but the requirements are very liberal—you can attend a sports event, for example; the work should benefit the college. April 1 is the firm deadline. You won't make more money this way but you could lose money if you don't do these.


Flex Hours

For all faculty, flex hours are required. This is required in the contract and by the state. Everyone uses a flex form that is on the website but part-time and full-time forms differ as do deadlines and numbers of hours required. You could lose money if you didn't do these.


Full-timers do 60 hours or ten days of relevant beneficial work for your classes or students. Full-timers must do two 6-hour mandated flex days and could be docked pay for missing. A full-timer can do all the rest of her/his 60 hours whenever he/she wants before the end of the year. Six hours to a full-time day.


A part-timer does whatever percentage of 60 hours is proportional to his/her load –so someone with three units would do 6, six units would do 12, nine units would do 18 hours. Part timers do a form by the last day of the semester every semester to the department chair. It is on the contract that the part timer is responsible for doing it. Part timers may attend staff development days and count it for their flex or part of their flex. You can’t count something as flex time if the college is paying for it, such as a conference for which you got college monies.


Career increments

For full-time faculty. Full-timers who get to 14th step on salary schedule, the next five steps can be done differently: three co-curricular and special projects combine to get you up those steps. After you are up those steps, you keep advancing to step 22; after step 22 you are not advancing further at this point. You are however close to retirement.


Conference funds

For everyone. Part timers now have $100 a semester up to four semesters accumulation, then at four semesters. Must get approval from Faculty Staff Development Committee. It is not clear whether part timers also qualify for an extra $250 for meeting college mission with their conference, but they do get per diem for food, and they get mileage. Please see Article 28 of our contract.



For everyone. Please see Mileage on GCFA website.


Unemployment benefits

For part time faculty. Please click here.



For full-time faculty. Your pre-tax dollars are saved and you can use them for medical expenses. See workshop notes.



For full-time faculty.


Sick leave

10 days for full-timers; proportional leave for part-timers.